Fortunately, a number of top quality waterproof raincoats and clothing items these days are also very stylish on top of being functional with regards to keeping you dry. Gone are the days of having to wear heavy and uncomfortable overcoats simply to stay dry outside in wet weather!

In this article, we introduce you to seven different Scandinavian raincoat brands that effectively combine functionality with style. Let’s take a look.

Ilse Jacobsen

Due to their outstanding combination of careful design, quality materials and a Teflon coating, Ilse Jacobsen’s range of women’s raincoats are leading the way when it comes to waterproofing paired with pure style and beautiful feminine aesthetics. If you are looking for a raincoat that is not only of high quality but also style, take a look at the Ilse Jacobsen range. Offering a choice between full or three-quarter length jackets, including oversized sleeves with drawstring wrists, you can choose the jacket that best suits your needs.

66° North

Producing quality wet-weather gear since 1926 in Iceland, it is no wonder 66° North is one of the world leaders when it comes to producing top quality weatherproof gear. Renowned for being not only tastefully designed but also extremely durable, 66° North also allow you to choose either a lined or unlined jacket i.e. one that best suits your activities. If you are after something simple, stylish as well as sleek, consider the following two jacket options: the Snaefell Shell, as well as the Laugavegur Urban.

Norwegian Rain

With some raincoats in the Norwegian Rain range lending towards a somewhat gothic aesthetic and others towards avant-garde when it comes to styling, Norwegian Rain jackets are designed seeking inspiration from sources far and wide. If you are chasing something striking and a bit out of the ordinary that is also guaranteed to keep you dry from pouring rain, a Norwegian Rain jacket is a great choice.


Stutterheim’s beautiful range of bold colours and prominent designs is the true definition of ‘fashion meets practicality’ when it comes to waterproof clothing. Do not be put off by the price tag – manufactured using quality bonded cotton, not only will your Stutterheim raincoat last for many years, it will also keep you warm and dry. Stutterheim are renowned not only for their standard range, but also for their many exciting one-off collaborations with a variety of top designers, including Garance Doré, Marni and Henrik Vibskob, and hence offer something to suit a range of tastes.

Scandinavian Raincoats That Will Keep You Dry Body


Considered less stylish to some compared to other Scandinavian jacket brands, Fjällräven focuses on excellent quality raincoats that are not only waterproof but guaranteed to last a significant length of time (following a long history of specialising in quality wet-weather clothing for activities such as hiking and camping). If you are more concerned with functionality and after something more simple, consider purchasing yourself a Fjällräven raincoat.


If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, you are no doubt aware of the Marimekko brand for their striking homewares and textiles. Marimekko has now added their incredible style to a fantastic range of clothing and accessories, including quality raincoats. As far as staying dry in torrential rain goes, Marimekko may not be the best option for you. However, if you are interested in a raincoat with flair produced using bright and patterned fabrics, a Marimekko coat might be a top consideration for you.


Easy to wear over any sort of outfit and remarkably chic, it is no wonder the Rains range of raincoats is a firm favourite in Denmark. With unstructured silhouettes for the most part, the Rains range are less tailored in appearance to other jackets mentioned in this article. However, they are renowned for their simplicity, comfort and minimalist style, and keep you dry without adding bulk over your outfit. With an amazing colour selection on offer, Rain jackets represent not only high quality and simplicity but also great value for money.

Whether you are most concerned with waterproofing and durability, or perhaps style and colour, there is bound to be a high quality Scandinavian raincoat available to suit your needs.