As the temperature drops and winter progresses, do you find yourself wondering the best ways you can keep your kids warm this winter? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we discuss ten of the best ways for keeping little ones warm this winter.

Keeping Warm Outside

Despite its Swedish roots, there is no doubt that the quote “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” applies here in Australia too! Help keep your kids warm outside by considering the following tips:

  1. Layers, layers and more layers: Not only do layers help to protect our children from the cold, they also give them the option to adjust to changing temperatures and conditions over the day. Very cold mornings followed by sunny afternoons are not uncommon in Australia. Try starting with a cotton singlet or woollen thermals for a wicking layer (i.e. a layer close to the skin whose job is to draw moisture), then add a long sleeve top followed by a woollen jumper. Do your best to purchase pure wool products, as synthetic clothing is often inferior when it comes to providing the ultimate warmth.
  2. Staying dry: Perhaps the most important layer of all – the waterproof outer layer! Look for rainwear that is durable, machine washable and PVC-free (to avoid harsh chemicals), for ultimate fuss-free wet weather protection for your kids.
  3. Keeping feet and hands warm: Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping little feet and hands warm! Look for woollen socks and waterproof rubber boots to keep your kids’ feet warm, and woollen or fleece gloves and mittens for their hands.
  4. Beanies: As discussed in the British Medical Journal, we lose ~7% of our body heat via our head; therefore a nice, warm woollen or fleece beanie (including beneath a rainwear hood) will help to keep your kids’ heads and ears nice and warm.
  5. Have waterproof gear at the ready: Keep your getting-ready time under tabs by storing your kids’ wet-weather gear nearby to the front or back door, including their raincoats, gumboots, beanies and gloves. By knowing where their gear is at home, your kids can enjoy taking the responsibility of locating, reaching and putting on their wet-weather gear themselves (where safe).

Ten Tips For Keeping Kids Warm This Winter Keeping Warm Outside

Keeping Warm At Home

  1. Be sure to check for draughts: Did you know that up to 40% of the heat in your home can be lost via its windows? Checking all doors and windows of your home for draughts can assist you to reduce the likelihood of any heat escaping to the outdoors. Touching up any necessary areas with sealant, using door snakes and closing blinds and curtains where you can are just a number of ways you can help to reduce heat loss.
  2. Have your heater(s) serviced regularly: Regular heater servicing is not only essential for safety, but also for efficiency and your wallet.
  3. Warm your kids up from the inside: Not only does some warm milk or soup often go down a treat for kids when the weather is chilly, it can also assist with keeping your kids hydrated during winter. Soup can form a nice healthy snack during a play break, where applicable.
  4. Chimney balloons: ‘’Seal’’ the heat in within your home by using a chimney balloon, which can prevent the entry of cold air into your home.
  5. Invest in the right sleepwear for your kids: Ensure their sleepwear is the right size (i.e. not oversized) and of ‘low fire danger’ (an Australian requirement on the label of all nightwear re: fire hazard indication). Keeping some warm slippers next to the bed can also make any overnight trips to the toilet a bit more pleasant, and the same for when hopping out of bed on those particularly chilly mornings.