Selecting the right raincoat for your child requires careful thought and research – after all, you need to take into account what sort of activities they are involved in that require wet-weather protection and that the gear you choose is waterproof rather than water-resistant, all the while ensuring your choice is both comfortable and long-lasting.

Before you go ahead and purchase a kid’s raincoat for your child, it is a good idea to take into account the following key things:


For most parents, the most important feature of a raincoat or wet-weather gear in general is waterproofing. After all, if you are going to make the investment in a quality raincoat, you want your child to remain warm and dry! Ensure you look for a raincoat that is 100% waterproof, and steer clear of wet-weather gear that is water-resistant only (i.e. can withstand only brief periods of light rain, as opposed to staying dry in heavy rain (waterproof)).

In addition to a kid’s raincoat being waterproof, it is also a good idea to look for a fabric that is lightweight and long-lasting. The best fabric to choose in this case is a layered combination of both polyester and polyurethane. This way, you can also avoid nasties in your kids waterproof clothing, such as PVC. A raincoat made from polyester and polyurethane is light and comfortable for kids when playing and moving about, allowing them to have lots of fun! Raincoats made from bulky materials on the other hand can result in kids feeling restrained and uncomfortable.

Don’t forget too when it comes to selecting the right fabric for your child’s raincoat that it is machine washable. Not only does having the ability to simply throw their wet-weather gear straight into the washing machine after a rainy and wet adventure make life much easier, it also gives your child endless possibilities when it comes to getting messy outdoors!

Things To Look For When Choosing A Raincoat For A Child Fabric


When it comes to the design (and maximum waterproofing) of a quality children’s raincoat, you should take into account the following three features: zippers, drawstrings and visibility.

It is best to select a raincoat for your child that includes covered rather than exposed zippers, by the means of storm flaps and press studs. Covered zips can also help to protect your little one against the wind.

Drawstrings, particularly around the hood and wrists of the raincoat, can help you to adjust the fit of a raincoat to best suit your child. The inclusion of quality drawstrings can help your child to play freely without being concerned with rain getting inside their hood or down their sleeves. A drawstring found at the hem of a child’s raincoat is an added bonus!

Bright colours are a top choice when it comes to choosing wet-weather gear for your child, as visibility can be more difficult during periods of heavy rain.

Choosing A Raincoat That Is Comfortable

Selecting a raincoat that is not too firm-fitting can be of assistance when it comes to adding layers beneath on those especially cold days. Lightweight materials such as a mix of polyester and polyurethane make for a comfortable raincoat for kids, allowing for lots of play and moving about. Ensure that if you make your purchase online you have access to comprehensive sizing charts in order to make a confident and informed decision.

Choosing the best raincoat for your child not only allows them to play freely, have fun and stay warm and dry in wet weather, but also gives you as a parent peace of mind that they are comfortable and protected no matter the weather. We all know that when preoccupied by playing, kids can forget how hot, cold, wet or uncomfortable they are, but by investing in the right wet-weather gear, you can rest assured they are having lots of fun while staying as cosy as possible!