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Why Scandinavian Design?

The climate across Sweden and Scandinavia is unforgiving: harsh, cold and wet.

Our Scandinavian-designed clothing is created especially for this climate and its quality reflected in the sheer number of people who continue to attend school, work and adventure outside, regardless of the weather. We believe in the quality of protection these products offer from the wind and rain, and introduced them to Australia so that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

Washing Instructions

All our waterproofs wash extremely well and are Machine washable. Please refer to the individual labels for your item.

Common Instructions

  • Always hang the garment up inside out to dry when wet.
  • Hang up to dry as soon as the washing cycle has stopped.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Avoid extended washing.
  • Close zips and buckles before washing.
  • Wash garments of the same colour.